teatru spălătorie, Chișinău, Moldova

Ne dorim să continuăm să lucrăm aici – an interviu cu Nora Dorogan și Artiom Zavadovschi, membrii colectivului teatru spălătorie din Chișinău.

teatru spălătorie a fost inițiat de Nicoleta Esinencu, Doriana Talmazan, Irina Vacarciuc, Viorel Pahomi și Nora Dorogan, absolvenți ai facultăților de actorie și management cultural, în anul 2010, în Chișinău (Moldova), într-un context unde domeniul teatral și instituțiile culturale publice erau limitate în privința dezvoltării unui discurs politic în artă, iar inițiativele culturale independente se confruntau cu un dezinteres total al statului față de activitatea lor.

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Tarlabaşı Community Center. Istanbul, Turkey

Education has been a problematic issue in Turkey for many years because of economic and spatial inequalities and because of age, religion, language, race, and gender inequalities. In the education system, where all kinds of people are homogenized and standardized, finding a place for the difference or adapting it in case of finding might cause a problem. Many children with different characters, backgrounds, or cultures may have to study at the same level together in the same place. However, even this equal right to education depends on families having a certain level of economic income. Some children may still have difficulties accessing this right even if they are in the center of Istanbul, which is considered a megacity.

Tarlabaşı is the most overthrown, changed, and “suffered” place in Beyoğlu, one of the most popular districts of Istanbul of all time. With the construction of Tarlabaşı Boulevard in the 1980s, the region was cut off from Beyoğlu and left idle. This region has changed hands the most after the attacks on non-Muslims in 1955 and is, therefore, the first place of choice for low-income immigrants. Over the years, this social change caused the region to become neglected as it hosted low-income segments, separated from its main center with Tarlabaşı Boulevard, and became one of the most disadvantaged areas of Istanbul, as it became a complete ruin with urban transformation.

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spalatorie theatre, Chisinau, Moldova

We want to continue working here – an interview with Nora Dorogan and Artiom Zavadovschi, members of the spalatorie theatre collective from Chisinau.

spalatorie theatre was initiated in 2010, in Chisinau (Moldova), by Nicoleta Esinencu, Doriana Talmazan, Irina Vacarciuc, Viorel Pahomi and Nora Dorogan, graduates of the faculties of acting and cultural management. They appeared in a time when the independent cultural initiatives were facing a total disinterest on behalf of the state towards their work, and as a response to the inability of the public culture institutions to develop a political discourse in the performing arts field.

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City Detective. Istanbul, Turkey

Education has different aspects in different cultures, but it is materialized in a very similar way. Education has always been a topic between different economic classes, ethnicities and religious beliefs, that is never easy to reach in a just way. 

While struggles continue on equal access to traditional education, there are some people working on alternatives to the common approach of learning. City Detective from Beyoğlu, Istanbul is one example where we see a broader range of tools to get information, focusing on “ways of learning” instead of “ways of educating”.

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