the project

As a group of artists, designers, educators and citizens that came together during the Spaces for Solidarity event organised by Culture Lab Europe, we have decided to research the activity of organisations and initiatives that work in solidarity with various local communities and create spaces for learning that were developed bottom-up, according to their needs.

Located on the edges and in-betweens of Europe, we want to highlight the differences and similarities of our locales, to create an archive of solution-making by focusing on the topic of education in relation to art, activism and urban development. The initiatives and organisations that we are collaborating with are non-governmental organisations or informal structures, which are working with active citizenship. Through our project we are trying to build new connections and provide them with space for visibility, both in their locality and internationally.

The project aims to provide a research frame and collaborative environment to address more inclusive public-civic forms of education. Making use of our mapping methodology and its outcomes that highlight structural and cultural collaborative practices provided by civil society initiatives that had to face a period of crisis and social distancing, we aim to share the outcomes from our regions to develop stories of resilience and passion, by addressing the crisis in education that is obvious across Europe, especially in regards to equality and inclusion.

Moving beyond the metaphor of the crack in everything via which the light gets in, we are inspired by how initiatives located the gaps that they felt had to filled in their local contexts, confronting brokenness and fill it with action, proposals, solutions.

the project receives support from the European Cultural Foundation