City Detective. Istanbul, Turkey

Education has different aspects in different cultures, but it is materialized in a very similar way. Education has always been a topic between different economic classes, ethnicities and religious beliefs, that is never easy to reach in a just way. 

While struggles continue on equal access to traditional education, there are some people working on alternatives to the common approach of learning. City Detective from Beyoğlu, Istanbul is one example where we see a broader range of tools to get information, focusing on “ways of learning” instead of “ways of educating”.

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News from the cracked fields I

We started to communicate with the main actors of our research to start a discussion, and exchange of practices. As our project intends to create a platform seeded by video interviews, we made our first dialogues with the City Detective (Şehir Dedektifi) from Istanbul, Turkey; Spălătorie Theater (teatru spălătorie) from Chișinău, Moldova; Gato Gordo from Granada, Spain; and Little Tree from Thessaloniki, Greece.

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